Tuesday, September 20, 2005

KIP -- Avanti Socks

Knit Some Socks! Socks for my class
Yarn: Avanti 100% Merino DK weight
Color: 06 / dyelot: 6949
Needles: US #4 for leg; US #3 for heel to toe
Pattern: Knit Some Socks Sport or DK Weight by Sharon Dalebout

The above picture is of the first sock for my first knitting class knit through the heel flap. The instructor suggested that if we get this far, we should work on the ribbing for the second sock, so that we can turn our heels together in class. This makes sense to me.

I am working on these socks for a class at my LYS, Shuttles, http://www.shuttlesspindlesandskeins.com/,
This is my first sock knitting class, although I have made socks before, and I am learning a lot. The first thing I learned was that there are lots of ways to do things "right" in knitting. I also learned a new way to join stitches in the round where you stitch 1 extra stitch and knit the first and last stitches together. I also learned a join where you knit the first stitch with both the tail and your working yarn. While we were working on our ribbing, the instructor showed us examples of socks she had made, talked about taking care of hand knit socks, reinforcing with nylon, reinforcing later on with duplicate stitches. I learned a lot about a lot of different topics.

I also learned that knitting classes aren't as scary as I had thought. The people are friendly. There is so much to learn. Everyone varies quite a bit when it comes to background, creativity, technical knowledge and knowhow, but we all help each other to improve in a more structured environment than a Stitch 'n Bitch. I'm so glad I signed up!

Now it's time to finish that Irish Hiking Scarf.


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