Friday, February 03, 2006

Been gone so Long

Ok, so I go a job! Not as much time for blogging and knitting, so I gave up the blogging and kept on knitting! My job is at the Boulder Public Library, and I love it. In addition to getting a job, I am now engaged to be married and am working on a wedding for June 3, 2006. Lots of appointments to keep and phone calls to make.

And if that isn't enough, I am taking social dancing lessons, having eye surgery, going skiing, rooting for the Steelers, keeping the house (somewhat) neat, making dinner, having some questionable moles removed and trying to maintain my relationships with my friends and family (most of whom live far away from me.) Sometimes I shower. I would love to write a novel, but I am not working on it now. Maybe after the wedding.

More about knitting.

With the help of my stitch n bitch (or should I say SNB) buddies, I am making flowers to dress up my wedding favor boxes. We went on a stash enlargement expedition to some Denver stores on MLK day, and I bought a bunch of different yarns all in shades of pink to match my wedding colors. Each flower has a chocolate brown bobble in the center. For the most part, we have been using the patterns found in Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays. I also have a Nancy Epstein book with a bunch of flower patterns and Nisa from my knitting group used a crochet pattern to make me 2 beauties. Right now, I am shooting for 150 flowers, but I only have about 25 done. 150 knitted flowers should make a pretty impressive display!

When I am not knitting flowers, I am working on a top-down raglan cardigan for a knitting class I am taking at Shuttles. Not very far along with this, but it is going well, having fun with it. G0od KIP project since there is a lot of stockinette with a minor amount of shaping. Simple.

No pictures on this post, I know, but perhaps next time. Now I have to finalize the wording for my invites and enclosures, have lunch, bike over to stationer to drop it off (exercise), come back here, start chili for dinner, get ready and go to dancing lesson. Whew! I like being busy, but sometimes I wish I could spend a tad more time knitting!


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