Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cardigan progress

This is the V-neck cardigan I am working on for my Knitting 2 class. If you browse back a few days you can see a picture of it when I was just getting started. Now I am below the raglan seams, working on the body and sleeves alternately. I've tried it on a couple of time and it is fitting really well. This is supercool!

TOP PIC: This is really a picture of one of my cats, Portia. Notice her poofy tail. It is her most precious possession. She struts around the house, showing it off like a newly engaged girl showing off her new ring! This morning, Portia was very interested in what I was doing with my sweater. Really, a project with lots of strings hanging off of it is one of her favorite things in the world.

RIGHT PIC: Oh, it is another picture of Portia!, but I think you get a better idea of how the cardigan is progressing. If you look closely under the cardigan's left sleeve, you can see another grey kitty hiding in the background. That is Dex. He is jealous that Portia already claimed the coolest spot in the house as her own!

BOTTOM PIC: This one is in sepia colors! Almost everything looks a lovely vintage when captured in sepia.


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