Friday, February 10, 2006

Lace Scarf Start

Yesterday, I went into Shuttles (LYS) to visit my Knitting 2 teacher. I was (and still am) at the point in my top down cardigan where I need to take off the arms and continue knitting the body, so I wanted another pair of eyes to see if it looks like this dear sweater of mine will fit me. Luckily it looks good. While I was there, I couldn't help spending some time looking through lace books and scarf patterns, hoping I would find THE ONE. The problem is, when I am working on my first of anything, it is better to start off simple, and leave THE ONE for later. After looking through all of the books and scarf patterns and talking to a very nice lace knitter for a while, I decided that I should not invest any money in more books or patterns at this time. I remembered that I had a pattern for a lace top at home which I thought would work well as a scarf.

At that point I started investing more time into finding the perfect yarn. Yes, the blue rowan (pictured earlier this month) might work nicely, but I thought a soft cream might work even better.


Yarn: Jaeger Spun 50% silk/ 50% wool blend
I chose this very fine yarn 310 yards = 1 oz. I purchased 2 ozs. This light vanilla color makes it very easy to see all of my stitches!

Pattern: Lace pattern from Stefanie Japel of Glampyre's Orangina. I want to make Orangina anyway, so why not perfect the lace pattern by making a scarf out of it first. My plan is to knit 2 halves and seam them so each end is scalloped. The lace pattern is really quite easy with only a 4 row repeat and purling on all the wrong sides. It calls for multiples of 9 +4, so I cast on 40 stitches for a narrow scarf.

Needles: US 6

I have a closeup of the lace, but blogger's photo uploader isn't responding anymore. I'll try posting it later.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Brooke said...

I looked at the blue yarn - how pretty! I love that shade!


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