Friday, March 24, 2006

FO: Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks

Pattern: Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks (pdf) free from Interweave Knits.
Designer: Ann Budd
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (machine washable!!) in Daffodil #204. The pattern claims that you can make 3 pairs of baby socks from every skein. Lots of colorways available through Jimmy Beans Wool
Needles: US 0
Gauge: ??

If you look at the pattern, you will see that it has quite a few variations, some with cables, lace or ruffles. I didn't do any of the patterns. Instead I did 2x2 ribbing for the leg of the sock, but I tried out a new technique, 2 circs instead of on dps! I used instructions for the 2 circ method I found on socknitters. I only used the 2 circs for the legs. After that, I did revert to the dps. I anticipate using this technique a lot for future socks and other small circular projects that require 2 (sweater sleeves, mittens).

About Shepherd Sock yarn. I love it! There are so many colors available and it is machine washable. I'm not really sure how much yarn I used. This was stash yarn. I purchased it a couple of years ago to make my sister arm warmers (that turned out fabulously). I also have another colorway called Desert Flower #100 with purples, pinks, turquoise, and browns that I am thinking about knitting up as baby socks too. I can't wait to get more, but I need to make some more socks first (self-restraint is a virtue, isn't it?)

The baby socks are for a good friend of mine who is pregnant, due at the end of the summer. I can't wait to try out more baby patterns and baby yarns! Some others patterns I'm thinking about are: Lovable Toys rabbit and elephant and Child's Placket-neck pullover from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and Aran Pullover from Knitting For Baby. Actually, there are lots of other patterns that look like a lot of fun too.

My friend just told me she is having a boy! Should this change the way I knit for the child? I'm amazed at how gender defining even the youngest of baby garmants are. I guess I wouldn't have sent her any lacy, frilly things, even if she were having girl, but what about color choices? I don't want to knit anything that screams girl for her boy, or boy for her boy. I am going to try to be as gender neutral as possible. (This isn't just for me. I'm sure my friend wouldn't want anything too gender defining.)

Oh, I don't know if my D(soon-to-be)H knows that I am knitting these baby items for my friend's baby or if he thinks I am going crazy on him, knitting baby things for my future children (I am not pregnant, but he knows I want to have children soon.) I think I may have forgotten to say who they were for. He did say they were cute.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Jane said...

Hi Erica,
I've been trying to find the Better than booties baby socks pattern, but the links on your blog are not working and a search of Interweave Knits didn't turn it up either. Can you help me find it?

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Erica said...
It is the second one down. I hope that helps.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Erica said...

Jane, Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I guess I should test my posts more thoroughly. The link to the pattern should work now.


At 8:39 PM, Blogger mcshoppe said...

Hi, Am I retarded or just unable to figure out this baby bootie pattern. I picked up the Angora in Purls in SOHO but the instructions are driving me crazy. The pattern starts with what she calls the toe but to me it looks like the cuff as it is K1, P1 for 2 inches over 24 stitches. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


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