Friday, February 02, 2007

More Baby Bedding

I am 29 weeks pregnant today.

Here is the crib. (You can see Dexter peeking out from underneath):

I finished the bed skirt yesterday. It was more difficult than I expected primarily due to three things.
1. The kitties still like to eat patterns and Dexter now fancies pins and steals them out of my seams.
2. I am 7 months pregnant, so therefore, most positions are not very comfortable to me including the positions required to hunch over a sewing machine. My back was killing me not to long into the project.
3. The gathered seams. I was supposed to gather the material at the top, but after much fuss and frustration and many snapped threads, I decided I like it without a gathered seam just fine, thank you very much.

Here is the bed skirt up close. :
bed skirt details

And here is KNITTING!!! My (in progress) log cabin style baby blanket inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting. It won't be getting much larger than this (~2 feet x ~2 feet) as I am running out of yarn. I will have enough to do a narrow red border around the outside. The blanket is made with Dale of Norway 100% superwash (and supersoft) wool, Baby Ull, 2 strands held together on size 6 needles:
blanket in progress

I hope the baby likes it as much as Portia seems to:
portia with blanket


At 7:58 PM, Blogger kate said...

everything looks so wonderful!

i'm glad to see you're knitting again (and sewing up a about that courderoy skirt from so long ago...)

i miss you.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Kat with a K said...

The blanket looks great! I love those colors together.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger emily said...

your sewing looks fine and dandy-- and your knitting wonderful too. sounds like you're getting a little uncomfortable, but i hope to see soon too.

oh, and i got your phone call the other day-- i didn't think to check the messages until sunday. thank you for calling me, we'll knit together soon.


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